What’s with ceiling fans? Do they really save energy?

Air conditioning uses more household energy than anything else by far at 36 cents per hour on average, which is about 25% of your home energy usage.

Running a ceiling fan costs about a penny per hour. Ceiling fans don’t cool rooms but they cool your skin through the wind-chill effect.

The Department of Energy says that if you use a ceiling fan at the same time as your air conditioning, you can raise the temperature setting by four degrees without a change in comfort.

Just don’t leave the ceiling fan running when you leave the house!

What is an absorption rate, and why should you care?

An absorption rate is a calculation that indicates how many months of inventory are remaining available in a certain micro real estate market at the current rate of properties going under contract.

The rate of properties coming on the market is just one piece of the market conditions puzzle.

Are there enough buyers for the number of properties available, or are there too many properties available? Too many properties can mean that it might take eight months or a year at the current rate of sales for the current inventory to sell. That often leads to prices softening, which would indicate a buyer’s market.

In short, you should be sure to know what is going on in your micro-market before making a move.

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